The Argentine Federation of LGBT people (FALGBT) continues fighting discrimination in the workplace by means of an agreement with the General Federation of Trade Unions of Argentina (CGT)

CGT 1Entering into an agreement with the CGT, the FALGBT has encouraged the creation of more inclusive workplaces for sexually diverse people. This agreement takes place during the LGBTIQ Pride Week, prior to the Pride Parade organized by a committee composed of most of Buenos Aires’ LGBTIQ organizations. More agreements will be made with other trade unions.

The FALGBT announces that this agreement of cooperation with the CGT to be made on November 8th is part of its program, “Sexual Diversity and Work.”

The agreement is aimed at guaranteeing equal opportunities for LGBT people at work and encouraging their inclusion in trade union activities. Moreover, the agreement reflects “FALGBT and trade union commitment to work for the respect and promotion of human rights, social inclusion, and the eradication of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV/AIDS, and to fight for more rights for LGBT people and social inclusion”.

Basically, the plan is based on “the promotion of actions leading to the inclusion of LGBT people in companies and organizations whose workers are involved in activities in connection with trade unions”; “the creation of designated union representatives for LGBT workers to come to for help in cases of sexual orientation/identity/gender expression related issues” and “the assessment and cooperation to organize educational groups and to edit educational material to promote the inclusion of LGBT people in trade union activities, elections and employment”.

Similarly, the agreement is set forth to include “all trade union actions (such as collective bargaining agreements) and specific terms in connection with the respect and treatment of sexual diversity at the workplace”. In relation to trade unions which provide health benefits for their members, the agreement includes terms to “guarantee access to health care for transgender people according to the Gender Identity Act”. In addition, the terms of the agreement are also aimed at “the organization of campaigns and educational activities for all levels within trade unions together with the Department of Employability of the FALGBT”.

The agreement was signed by Esteban Paulón, President of the FALGBT, and the CGT’s Secretary for Human Rights, Carlos Barbeito, and was endorsed by various organizations, such as the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (SEC), Congress Workers Union (APL), the Argentine Federation of Unions of Workers of the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries (FESTIQyPRA), the Argentine Clothing and Textile Workers Union (AOTRA), the Flour Industry Workers Union (UOMA), and the Customs Workers Union.

In relation to the agreement, Esteban Paulón, President of the FALGBT, stated: “today is a day full of joy. This agreement is a fundamental starting point towards workplaces free of discrimination. We will face this Challenge together with the CGTRA whom we thank for their confidence in the FALGBT.

To conclude, Paulón added: “This agreement is framed in the course of action taken by FALGBT with other organizations to promote inclusion and end the discrimitation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people at work. What is more, we will sign more agreements like this with other trade unions which will allow us to continue carrying out our initiative for sexual diversity at the workplace”.