Members of the Argentine Federation of NGO’s for LGBT Rights (FALGBT) had a meeting with members of the LGBT Unit of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington

Subjects such as law progress in Argentina, the current situation of LGBT people’s rights in the region and María Rachid’s running for Ombudsman of the City of Buenos Aires, among others, were part of the agenda of the meeting held between FALGBT and the LGBT Unit of the ICHR.

FALGBT announces that, in the context of the 149th American Commission on Human Rights, Dr. Flavia Massenzio head of the Legal Issues Department of the FALGBT and La Fulana, held a prolonged meeting with the head of the LGBT Unit of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

In the meeting, the current situation of LGBT people in the region and particularly in Argentina in relation with discrimination and violence was discussed.

Also, law progress in Argentina was recognized, specifically the passing of Same-Sex Marriages Act and Gender Identity Act (endorsed by FALGBT), In Vitro Human Ferlization Act, that was recently passed, and the debate on the new Civil and Commercial Code of Argentina.

Another topic discussed at the meeting were the progress in the Plan for LGBT citizens proposed by the FALGBT together with the United Nations System in Argentina, La Fulana’s strategies for lesbian visibility and recent court decisions in relation to protection and compensation to transgender people over 40 for the damages suffered in the past.

Maria Rachid’s (President of the National Committee for Equality and role model in the region for her contributions to equality for LGBT people) running for Ombudsman of the City of Buenos Aires was also another subject of discussion at the meeting. In connection with this, support was pledged for to bring actions for the protection of Human Rights before the ICHR.

By means of this kind of events, commitment for international cooperation and exchange of experiences, strategies and resources between FALGBT and international organizations is reaffirmed. For more info, visit