FALGBT welcomes the broadcasting of gender identity ads on Radio Mitre

After an agreement entered between Radio Mitre and the Office of the Defense of the Public—spurred by FALGBT’s complaint against journalist Jorge Lanata’s discriminatory language towards the trans community in general and Florencia de la V in particular—this week a series of infomercials to raise awareness of the gender identity law begun airing on the radio station. The ads will complement a series of workshops for staff that will begin on Thursday.

The Argentine Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transsexuals (FALGBT) and the Association of Transvestite, Transsexual, and Transgender People of Argentina (ATTTA) report that as a result of the agreement reached by officials at Ratre Mitre and the Office of the Defense of the Public, arising out of the complaint lodged by both organizations after journalist Jorge Lanata made discriminatory and undignified statements towards the trans community in general and Florencia de la V in particular, infomercials about the gender identity law have begun airing.

The ads, recorded by trans journalist and actress Celeste Montanari, will complement sensitivity training workshops on the gender identity law to be provided by the FALGBT–ATTTA team from this Thursday on.

It is important to remember that in mid-August, in the wake of the discussion over the option for users to select their desired gender on the social network Facebook—which was prompted by both the company and FALGBT—journalist Jorge used language fiercely discriminatory and offensive to the dignity of the trans community in his broadcasts, both radio and television.

Following these remarks, FALGBT and ATTTA filed a complaint with the Office of the Defender of the Public, in an effort to safeguard the dignity and integrity of the trans community as a whole. Based on the complaint, officials at Radio Mitre and the Office of the Defender reached a remedy agreement that includes the broadcasting of radio ads about the gender identity law and the topic of gender identity in general. The agreement also includes actions to increase awareness and train the staff of the radio station in an effort to contribute to better nondiscriminatory policies in the mass media.

“We are very happy with the ads being aired as part of the agreement reached between Radio Mitre and the Office of the Defense of the Public. It is a great tool for raising awareness on the subject of gender identity through this large radio station, and we applaud the quick manner in which they resolved this situation after FALGBT made its complaint,” FALGBT President Esteban Paulón stated.

“We welcome the prompt action taken by the Office of the Defender and the assistance provided by Radio Mitre officials. Broadcasting messages against LGBT discrimination and organizing of sensitivity training workshops for the radio staff, will definitely allow us to continue achieving real equality, a critical priority after the passage of the marriage-equality and gender-identity laws,” FALGBT Vice President Claudia Castrosín Verdú added.

Sopts played by Celeste Montanari